I’ve been an Emergency Medicine consultant since 2003 and in 2015 had a breakdown when it all got too much. Since then I’ve spent more time thinking and less time running around which is better for my patients, my colleagues, my family and me.

I currently spend most of my time in Medical Education but I’m working my way back to some clinical EM slowly… I’ll just have to see how that goes.

I started writing this blog to be open and honest about my breakdown. I wanted people who were in a similar situation not to feel alone and for those around them to perhaps get an idea of how they might be feeling. Since then I’ve started writing about other topics such as medical education and wellness in general but I wanted to put the original blogs and any relating to my situation in one place where they could be read easily. If you follow the link under Blog Posts to ‘My Story’ they are all there: I hope you find them helpful.