Ten Tips for Your OSCE

In an attempt to help out the medical students that I work with, I came up with these ten tips for their OSCEs.


Women In The NHS – for the W.I.

Last week, Manchester Women’s Institute held a panel discussion on “Women in the NHS” to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8th. The W.I. had some set questions prepared for us all and there were also some extra questions from the audience on the night.

The Re-Humanising Project: When Patients Care for Us

Working in healthcare can be an emotionally challenging experience. Over the years, for reasons such as self preservation or over familiarity, we can find ourselves losing touch with our humanity. This can lead to a loss of empathy and compassion for our patients and colleagues and difficulty finding joy in our work. A new website … Continue reading The Re-Humanising Project: When Patients Care for Us