A Bump in the Road

The reason I started writing this blog was to be open about my own struggles with the stresses of working in Emergency Medicine. By writing about my experience of burnout and recovery I hoped to make those who were struggling feel less alone, to help their colleagues understand a little better what they might be … Continue reading A Bump in the Road


Please, Don’t Sponsor Me…

So, this Sunday I am running the London Marathon and whilst many of my fellow runners will be doing so to raise money for charity I'm not asking for that. Instead, particularly in you work in healthcare, if you feel you want to contribute something in recognition of my effort, I'd ask that you consider … Continue reading Please, Don’t Sponsor Me…

Orange Jumpsuits

I have previously suggested that we might reduce the number of elderly patients admitted to hospital ‘because it is safer’ if we, as healthcare professionals, had to go through a consent process with the patient explaining the risks. Well, I’m suggesting a more radical approach now, elderly patients admitted in similar circumstances should now be … Continue reading Orange Jumpsuits