Medical Education Resources

This is a place where I’ll put any Medical Education resources I create for common use. There are often straightforward pdf versions as well as Word documents which can be edited to suit individual needs depending upon country, specialty or language.  I’ll put a short description of the resource below and then it can be accessed from the shared Dropbox folder here…

Shared Dropbox


Biases Cardsimg_2806

Based on various papers by Pat Croskerry, here are a list of biases that can be printed off and used for teaching clinical staff.



Cognitive Biases Choose Your Own Medventure (not in Dropbox)

This was created after reading this post by KevinMD. It is an attempt to bring to life the cognitive biases we bring to a case via Twitter thread.

Start Your #ChooseYourOwnMedventure Here!


Cognitive Biases Matchingimg_1004

Match the twenty described bias with the clinical scenario. Feel free to edit the scenarios to fit your clinical situation or because you don’t think my descriptions are quite right!




Differential Diagnosis Cardsimg_2751

A variation on the Random Patient Generator but designed for students to encourage differential diagnosis creation. There are more presentations, more additional information cards and instructions on how to use them accordingly.


Explain Itimg_1436

A simple game encouraging medical staff to learn how to speak ‘human’ again! Each card has a commonly used medical word which has to be explained using non medical language…it’s harder than you think.



Diagnosis ChecklistDiagnosis Checklist

A poster with six questions that act as cognitive stops in the diagnostic process.






The Random Patient Generatorimg_2713

A tool to encourage us to think about how we make a clinical diagnosis by presenting us with a random patient and then varying individual cues to see how that changes our thoughts. Adult, Paediatric and Obstetric versions are available in the RPG folder. There is a whole bog post on it here… The Random Patient Generator


Shop Floor Reflection Poster (referred to as Ninja Reflection at EM-EC)img_0002

A simple poster to encourage staff to reflect upon their Diagnostic Thinking processes when seeing patients at work.






Ten Tips for…

Cards that list ten tips for a topic. So far there are:

  • OSCEs
  • History Taking


Which Job Nextimg_2841

This is a game to teach prioritisation of tasks to medical students approaching qualification and to help junior ward staff who already do this to critic their decision making. A list of tasks are created and prioritised for action. After they are done new jobs are added to the list and the reprioritised starts again…just like in real life!

Thanks to James McFetrich, there is now an ED version for more senior trainees!