9 Months In: Did I Make A Good Supervisor?

The beginning of August marked me being in post for 9 months, as well as heralding a new intake of junior doctors, and saying good bye to those moving on. Those of you following my #KW5years tweets might remember that I was assigned my first ever trainee in January, and I was pretty keen to get … Continue reading 9 Months In: Did I Make A Good Supervisor?


Ten Tips for History Taking

A new set of medical students has just arrived at our hospital to start their clinical years. I've had the chance to talk to them about history taking and came up with these ten tips.

From Problem to Solution

Yes I was battered and bruised, and no I wasn't capable of fulfilling all the duties of a consultant but despite this I still had a role to play, a way I could contribute to the specialty that I loved, a reason to belong in EM. For the first time in nearly two years I wasn't just a problem, I was a solution.