SPLASH – Is Everyone Having Fun at the Pool?

Emergency Medicine (or any hospital area for that matter) can take a bit of getting used to and not everyone adjust to it at the same rate... if at all. For me in my current role, I have medical students on my mind but the same is true, I am sure, for new staff in … Continue reading SPLASH – Is Everyone Having Fun at the Pool?



Humility is weakness and weakness is something we cannot afford when we are dealing with people's lives.

But what if humility is actually strength, not weakness? What if, rather than putting patients at risk, it is actually key to keeping our patients safe? What if we are misunderstanding humility?

A Tale of Two Hashtags

Two Twitter threads discussing essentially the same issue and yet the response from healthcare professionals has been dramatically different. Have we in the healthcare community learned something from the last episode and decided to engage positively with this issue? Or is something else going on?