A Crumbling Foundation

You are important and deserve to be treated well. But, if you don’t think of yourself, if you don’t respect yourself, if you don’t prioritize yourself, why should anyone else?


Women In The NHS – for the W.I.

Last week, Manchester Women’s Institute held a panel discussion on “Women in the NHS” to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8th. The W.I. had some set questions prepared for us all and there were also some extra questions from the audience on the night.

Five Reasons Male Doctors Should Listen to the FemInEM Podcasts

As a man I really only get to see the world of medicine from a male perspective. Sure I'm a reasonably intelligent, modern man and I occasionally hear comments from my female colleagues but is that enough? Just as 360 degree feedback helps you see yourself better, hearing people with a different viewpoint talk about medicine gives you a more rounded, more realistic picture of our professional culture. Spending a regular half hour listening to women talking about the experience of medicine from their perspective is enlightening...and shocking.

Teaching our Juniors to Think Like Experts

We all love to watch experts at work, they make what they do look so effortless, and whilst it is certainly possible to learn from watching these people in action it is even better to have them explain exactly what, why and how they do what they do. Traditionally we learn most of our clinical medicine by watching experts, rows of medical students sat in the outpatient clinic or juniors following the consultant on their ward round or theatre list. So, is there a way we can make our expert thinking more visible, a way to help them understand our actions?

The Most Important Presentation Ever? : Living a P Cubed Life

When we stop and think about who has influenced us at work, there is often something about the way they actually lived their lives that made that impact.  It wasn’t just what they believed, what they said, that struck us, it was how they acted, how they lived that made us stop and take note.  If we are honest we want to be like them too, someone that people look up to, someone who sets an example for others and makes people want to be better.  Is this something that just happens or can we actively choose to be like that?