Preacher or Teacher? Five lessons from the Pulpit.

I have spent many years listening to preachers. Some have inspired, some have frustrated and the very best have challenged. Now in my role as a medical educator I find myself once again trying to communicate with an audience and find that many of the lessons learnt about preaching apply to my current situation as a teacher. Here are five of them.


An Analogy is a Bit Like…

Whilst a good analogy will never win an argument or prove a point, it can help clarify difficult concepts, cut through distracting details and add emotional pull to a presentation. It can inspire an audience to listen, stimulate a desire to learn and plough the ground of a hardened mind, in preparation for the seeds of learning to be sown.  Analogies are an extremely powerful weapon in the battle against insipid, low value presentations and I believe we should all learn how to use them well.