Six Months In and I Feel Like I Belong

I’ve been in post for six months now and I can finally say with confidence that I feel as though I have “settled in”. How do I know that I’ve settled in? Re-reading my last blog after three months it’s pretty clear that I wasn’t sure then, and in retrospect even more clear that I … Continue reading Six Months In and I Feel Like I Belong

Women In The NHS – for the W.I.

Last week, Manchester Women’s Institute held a panel discussion on “Women in the NHS” to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8th. The W.I. had some set questions prepared for us all and there were also some extra questions from the audience on the night.

The Assistance Paradox

I’ve been qualified for over twenty years now and in that time I’ve been at both ends of requests for help on countless occasions.  Not only that, I’ve watched others go through the same process too and I’ve noticed a recurrent theme which I have called the Assistance Paradox:  ‘The person who is in most need of help is the person least likely to get it’

The Story of the Good Colleague

Following the Maurice Ellis lecture given by Professor Rick Body at the 2017 Spring CPD conference of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, I decide to write this post. Apologies to Rick for presenting him as some sort of Messiah (clearly he’s not, he’s just a very naughty boy) and to Luke for twisting his writing to make my own point. However, given Luke is traditionally believed to have been a doctor, I’m hoping he’ll be generous towards a colleague!

How do you Save a Drowning Man?

Following my previous blog post, I had a number of people ask questions about how to approach someone who appeared to be struggling and also feedback from readers about the quality of help and support they had received when in a similar position.  Here are some thoughts and challenges around these issues those trying to help might consider, using the question, ‘How do you save a Drowning Man?’

The Joy of a Broken Toy

Should you know someone who is broken, help them, support them, invest time and effort in them because they almost certainly still have a lot to offer. Who you get back may not be who you lost but surely it has to be worth trying... you’d want someone to do the same for you, wouldn’t you?