Respecting Positive Feedback

Those who give positive feedback are focusing on the receiver, it is altogether a more altruistic behaviour.  They are like the people who show up on the streets to cheer at running events, standing for hours to clap people on and shout encouragement, with nothing more to gain than the enjoyment of seeing others succeed.  I think we need to show positive feedback, or more correctly the people who take the time to give it, the respect they deserve.


The Story of the Good Colleague

Following the Maurice Ellis lecture given by Professor Rick Body at the 2017 Spring CPD conference of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, I decide to write this post. Apologies to Rick for presenting him as some sort of Messiah (clearly he’s not, he’s just a very naughty boy) and to Luke for twisting his writing to make my own point. However, given Luke is traditionally believed to have been a doctor, I’m hoping he’ll be generous towards a colleague!