Humility is weakness and weakness is something we cannot afford when we are dealing with people's lives.

But what if humility is actually strength, not weakness? What if, rather than putting patients at risk, it is actually key to keeping our patients safe? What if we are misunderstanding humility?


A Tale of Two Hashtags

Two Twitter threads discussing essentially the same issue and yet the response from healthcare professionals has been dramatically different. Have we in the healthcare community learned something from the last episode and decided to engage positively with this issue? Or is something else going on?

12 Months In : Is it worth it?

It is now a year since I started my Consultant post and over the last 12 months I’ve been asked several times if the step up to being a Consultant is “worth it”. Similarly, I’ve been asked by newer Consultants elsewhere if being a Consultant “actually gets better”. I think these questions themselves do enough to demonstrate that life as a Consultant is not all a bed of roses.