Excuse Me… Could We Please Just Stop Interrupting Each Other?

EM doctors on the shop floor get interrupted about twelve times an hour... that's once every five minutes! Here are my challenges to all of us to try and reduce the plague of interruptions.


Digital Devices Can Damage Learning

Researchers tested the learning of students who had either taken handwritten notes or notes on a (non internet enabled) laptop during a presentation and they discovered that those who had taken handwritten notes did better.

Rubber Ducks

A recent tweet from the account of the QI Elves has added a new Rubber Duck to my consciousness and rather bizarrely it is related to my interest in Diagnostic Thinking. Is it possible that a rubber duck could reduce errors and improve patient safety?

Questioning Your Diagnosis

The frailties of our cognition are long established and whilst it may not be possible, or even desirable, to have all clinicians thinking alike, we must acknowledge these faults inherent in human thinking and make deliberate efforts to mitigate them. What follows are six simple questions that attempt to trigger a more reflective process by diagnosticians and potentially reduce the impact of erroneous thinking.