Please, Don’t Sponsor Me…

So, this Sunday I am running the London Marathon and whilst many of my fellow runners will be doing so to raise money for charity I’m not asking for that. Instead, particularly in you work in healthcare, if you feel you want to contribute something in recognition of my effort, I’d ask that you consider not giving money but instead to do something a bit harder, a bit more risky and give a bit of yourself.

Next week, find that person who you’ve been wondering about, who you think isn’t at their best and ask them how they are. Be brave, look them in the eye, smile and show some genuine human concern… and then, regardless of the answer (usually ‘I’m fine’ or ‘Okay’) just say ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’

Now, I know you don’t feel prepared for this, that you’re not properly trained to do it or that maybe you’ve tried this before and it was so hard you swore you’d never do it again. I know you don’t know what this might end up leading to, what effort you’ll have to put in or how much it might hurt you. I know that you can think of a dozen reasons why this might go wrong BUT I also know that there’s a very good chance that even with any or all of those things it might turn out to be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

It’s a scary request, isn’t it, putting yourself out there, asking you to take that risk but that’s how I’ll feel on Sunday morning standing nervously on the start line, so rather than some money, it seems like a fair exchange to me.


P.S. If you’re stuck to know where to start trying reading one of my previous posts, I’ve linked them below…

The Story of the Good Colleague

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Good Luck!!


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